Hi Gekiga Ukiyoe Senya Ichiya

Thursday, January 01, 1970
An adult movie about a painter whose pictures come alive and commit murder. This film was made in the wake of the success of the Mushi Pro 1001 Nights. Six scenes were cut for obscenity after the movie was released.

(Source: Pelleas)


Title Hi Gekiga Ukiyoe Senya Ichiya, Hi Gekiga Ukiyoe Sen'ya Ichiya, Maruhi Gekiga Ukiyoe Sen'ya Ichiya, Maruhi Gekiga: Ukiyo-e 1001 Nights
Genre action
Status Completed
Aired 1969
Episodes 1


Episode Subtitles Audio Censorship Links
Episode 01 NoEngJap JapEng NoYes Coming Soon